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About Bridget's Room

Ever evolving with the world around me is all I can say to describe the business that I started in 2002. I began my journey shortly after moving home to be with my mother that was sick with breast cancer. I began faux painting and hand texturing walls and ceilings in a wide array of beautiful homes. I quickly realized there was a need for furniture, flooring, window treatments and décor. After all, I began my college career with 2 years of interior design. A long story short, I started selling these things out of my home in Bismarck, ND. The business grew over the years and in 2010 I pursued my dream of opening my very own store front. 

Well here we are today after many remodels and new builds. I have felt a need to adjust my sails. My next journey, joining the e-commerce world. If you are reading this, well it happened.


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